Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"Everyday Things Women Pay More For Than Men"

How much do you pay for your everyday products? Recently I watched a Buzzfeed video that explored the price differences between women's and men's health and beauty products. You can watch that video here if you want but what I found was shocking.

For a standard Degree brand Deodorant marketed towards women, the cost was $4.69. But the cost for the equivalent Degree brand Deodorant marketed towards men, the cost was $2.99. For one stick of women's deodorant, a man could buy 1.6 sticks of his own. I also find it particularly interesting that the women's deodorant bottle was more brightly colored with light pastels and pretty blues versus the dark and harsh blues and greys of the men's deodorant bottle. This just begs to ask the question, why does this happen?

According to this Business Insider article, a California study done in 1995, "revealed that women pay $1,351 a year more for the same products as men" which proves that gender-based pricing also known as the "pink tax" is very much a real thing. Some companies defend that women pay more due to other factors such as complications in the bottle and packaging.  But why is the packaging different  for women than it is for men? Is it fair that women have to pay more for the same products as men?

This kind of related to my junior theme topic of the gender wage gap. With women already making less than men and having to pay significantly more for products, should the government get involved and do something to further make way for gender equality?

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