Sunday, May 31, 2015

All White Everything

5.31.15 marks the day of New Trier High School's Class of 2015 Graduation. But before a New Trier student can graduate, along with meeting all the graduation requirements, students must find the perfect dress or get fitted for a crisp white tuxedo. While at other schools in the Chicagoland area, students dress in caps and gowns and dresses of a variety of colors. But New Trier students must follow the "Dress and Tuxedo Guidelines" and dress in all white. Here is a screenshot of the guidelines below:
This unique tradition has been around since the origins of New Trier. But here's the real question, why all white? Does the color white symbolize the upper class? The color white has the connotation of being pure, clean, and blemish free. The denotation of white according to is  "of the color of pure snow." In  F.Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, white is used to describe the "rippling and fluttering" white dresses of two very wealthy female characters, Daisy Buchanan and Jordan Baker. Maybe white signifies the upper class because if you get a piece of white clothing dirty, you need to have the money to take it to the dry cleaners to get it removed.

Due to the affluent area that New Trier resides in, does wearing all white for a high school graduation signify the upper class? Is it symbolically saying that "we are apart of the upper class?"

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  1. Stephanie, Fine job blogging overall this term. This is an interesting post -- and I like the screen shot. Not sure how startling the conclusion is: white symbolizes affluence at a school in Winnetka. You might pick out other class-laden language: boutonniere; trousers; decolletage!