Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14th is National Equal Pay Day--For A Reason!

As many of you may or may not know, April 14th is National Equal Pay Day declared by the United States Department of Labor. This date may seem like random date to choose but in reality, this date has a lot of meaning. April 14th 2015 roughly marks how many more days women must work to earn what a man made in 2014. (Times). 

I find it completely unfair and absurd that women still make less than men even in the same jobs. The gender pay gap has been something that has interested me because it affects so many lives of American families today. Women make up half of the labor force of the United States and some how women still make less than men do. With the start of my Junior Theme Research Paper, I decided to do my paper on the general why question: Why do women earn less than men in America? 

I think that it is completely insane that even in an advancing generation like ours, the pay gap has still not closed. Many factors such as education, gender roles/stereotypes, and discrimination play a role into why the gap exists but what else can we do as a society to close it? Women should not be treated as second class citizens so isn't it time for equal pay? Due to the Junior Theme Research Paper, my blog will now feature more posts about the gender pay gap and women's rights due to the research of my paper. 

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  1. Stephanie- I completely agree with your points. How do you feel that this can be changed? One answer I have is that women need men on their side, fighting for this cause as well. For example, on April 14th, Matt McGoory, who currently acts in Orange Is The New Black, posted Instagram photos voicing his opinions on the subject. It is important to have men working for the cause, especially until real change happens.